Discing - Powerharrowing - Direct Drilling - Maize Planting - Pasture Spraying


Discing is a process used to help prepare soil for drilling by loosening and turning the soil. Typically, this process takes place in the spring to turn the upper layer of soil bringing fresh nutrients to the surface whilst burying the surface debris and loosening the soil.

Powerharrowing then prepares a more level seedbed for maize planting.


Direct drilling allows seed to be directly drilled into the stubble of previous crop, without any prior soil cultivation. The seed is accurately drilled into the residues of the previous crop with minimal soil disturbances. This operation is fast and cost effective as no further cultivation is required.

Precision Maize Planting. We use the most advance machine, planting at the desired seed rate with no misses or doubles. We drill with the option of fertiliser to give the plants the best possible start. Fert cartage, is available.